Surgical Procedures

The CMGI does not provide support for surgical procedures, but the CMGI procedure room (0662) can be used for animal dissection as part of biodistribution studies. The adjacent GBSF vivarium has three procedure rooms for PIs to conduct small animal surgeries. These rooms are provided with an isoflurane anesthesia unit, but PIs must provide all surgical instruments and supplies. Room reservations and additional information are available at; reservations can also be made by telephone (752-1390). Animals from outside the GBSF vivarium must receive prior approval from the Health Monitoring Coordinator ( before they can be brought into the vivarium.

Mouse Tail Vein Catheterization

Catheterizing the lateral vein of the mouse for injection or blood sampling can be a significant challenge.  We frequently use this procedure for i.v. injection of radiotracers and have described our technique here.

CMGI Mouse Catheter Movie

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